Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Home extensions for free advice at wonderwallbuilders

Here are some more things you will need to know when appointing a builder.                     

                           What do I get for my money?     

Ok you have a set of drawings to get all the prices you need to build your extension.

But you should know that just because there is something on the drawing does not mean it will be built in your extension as a lot of companies that do drawings cut and paste the drawings they make up to give to you!

So you might find something on your drawing that you did not want or ask for however,

This is not a big problem if you have the right builder and you know the right questions to ask. 

Here is a list of what you will get and will not get in the price for a standard extension.

1. The extension will not be painted/decorated.

2. You will only get the basic standard electrics per room.
One light/one light switch/one plug socket.

3. One radiator.

4. You will not get a new boiler if the one you have in your home is not big enough to supply the new radiator.

5. The radiator valves in your own home might need up grading to comply with the building regulations.

6. Your electric box / consumer unit might need changing or upgrading to comply with the building regulations.

7. External ground work such as flagging/decking is only to be made good where the new extension is built.

8. It is common practice to pay a deposit before the builders starts the work in order for him to book you in for so many weeks’ works so you get the job started when you want it.

9. Ask the builders if he will stay on the job from start to finish and not go doing other jobs.

And the most important one of all is to discuss payment terms once agreed start date with your chosen builder.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Home extensions for free advice at wonderwallbuilders

We would hope it is common knowledge when you’re looking for a builder to build your extension that you get three or four quotes.
This is important regardless of whether a builder has been recommended to you or not as you want to find a builder that can do the right job for the right price.
The cheapest price is not always the best.
There are some builders out there that will put a price in for a job knowing the price is very cheap so you let them start it, and then somewhere down the line tell you they have made a mistake asking you for more money, stop work due to not enough money had been allocated to complete the job.

Then you have a big decision to make!
Do you give them some more money and hope they will not ask you for any more?
Or do you try and get other builders to finish the work.
Here is an example how to spot the builders that will try and get some more money out of you.

If you get a quote at £35,500
Another at                £34,000
Another at                £33,500
Then one at              £22,000

As you can see the price at £22,000 is looking good.

Ask yourself one question (why are all the other prices I have got back so far all around £34,000)
How can all the other builders have got it so wrong?

Need I say more?
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Friday, 2 March 2012

home extensions for free advice at wonderwallbuilders

Here is one of the most common questions that we get asked at http://www.wonderwallbuilders.co.uk/ 

Why do we need a builder, when we have the extension drawings to build our own extension along with all the relevant tradesmen to build an extension such as a bricklayer/joiner/roofer? 

Well the answer is the drawings you have are only a guide to what is possible to build. It is up to the builder/builders to build you an extension that not only looks right in relation to your house but also is built in line with the building regulations. 

(For example) if your bricklayer is knowledgeable enough to build an extension then he would not be called a bricklayer he would call himself a builder. The same applies to all the other trades such as joiner/roofer/plasterers.

The point I am trying to make is, if you was to get in all the trades you need to build an extension, one at a time, and you have no one to direct them and tell them what to do or how you want it, in the hope to save yourself some time and money whilst building an extension, then in our experience you will not save any money or time as even the smallest mistake will cost you money and cost you any money you think you may of saved. It will also be very time consuming too as you will have to oversee the job along with chasing up supplies, deliveries not to mention the tradesmen.

And finally when it comes to purchasing the materials for any building work you the home owner will find are very difficult to purchase the right materials you needed at the right price to do the work as we the builder/builders get a very big discount compared to the public.  

If you have any question’s     

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Free Building Advice.

Welcome to our newest addition to wonderwallbuilders blogs.

We here at wonderwallbuilders, are giving free advice to anyone who needs professional help or advice when doing any of their own DIY or are thinking of having any building work done.
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